Sunday, October 13, 2013

More cell phone vent

This is a continuation of my post from Saturday.

My son would text me while I was teaching which meant he was in class. But his grades were good, he understood the material, did well on the AP exams and is currently in a good university.

I don't have a problem with the ones who can balance the phone and school (I have some favorites this year who see to have a lot of selfies from my class - but they are understanding the material enough to explain it to others).

My problem is with the ones who say the class is boring but they cannot work any of the problems. They blame me for not teaching them but they are putting in no effort in the class and much effort on the phone. They never look at the board during explanations - and never look up from the phone during class.

I have a problem with the students who confuse copying my work off the board with understanding it.

I can see that we will be forced to use more and more technology over the next few years - how do we teach the kids to be able to learn with all of the distractions technology brings?

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