Saturday, October 12, 2013

Six word Saturday

Cell phones continue to be problematic.

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Passengers on a train in SF failed to see the danger another passenger presented when he continued to play with his gun until he finally shot and killed one of the people on the train.

Likewise the students in the school (not all of them, just enough for it to be a problem) think their phones arenot interfering with their education. But as long as students fell it is NOT a problem and fight any attempt to rein in the behavior, it will be a problem.

There are some parents who see the entire issue (and I thank God for them every day) and cancel their children's phones when the grades go down.

And some kids have the wherewithall to not let cell phones interfere.


Hilary said...

cell phones and their usages are completely out of hand. Everyone is too focused on them, I think

Gillena Cox said...

Parents need to be vigilant; Have a nice Saturday

much love...

retired not tired said...

Being on a cell phone while walking is also hazardous to your health.

Mlissabeth said...

That is a new policy in our schools this year. As a parent of a HS senior, I hope I can teach my son to use it correctly, and not take advantage of the opportunity.