Sunday, September 15, 2013


I rewrote an email today. One that our email system decided to lose for me yesterday. And I made a decision.

Since we have such crappy unpredictable a creative communication system, I will type the email into Word first and the copy it into the email system so that I do not have to write it multiple times.

This is supposed to be an improvement.

I have software systems on my computer that I cannot access because they ghosted the machines when school started and haven't fixed yet. They would make my life easier and aid in my teaching, oh well.

Because we getting a boatload of money from the federal government (or all of you taxpayers) we have spent a boatload on technology. That doesn't work. That does us no good.

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Ron. said...

About 3 months ago, the agency where I work (or TRY to work) switched over to an EMR (electronic medical records) software system that, though it worked fine for about the 1st 10 days, now presents far more glitches, resulting in lost information that has to be re-entered 2-3 times, than even the IT people "predicted." So much for the streamlining, time-saving technology.