Saturday, September 21, 2013

six word saturday

Grading is easier with your effort.

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It is so much easier to grade work where the students are trying and (while making errors) have put effort into doing a good job. It is difficult to grade something where half the papers have their name on it and nothing else and the rest has answers like (0,0) r = 4 to the question "write the equation of a circle with a center at the origin and a radius of 4."

Do you give that any points? Were they sitting in class while we hammered this over and over? I am supposed to up the rigor but the results are worse with a test of increased rigor.

Oy vey!


Ron. said...

We should all be so lucky as to have our center at the origin. In today's changing world our radii become increasingly short, eh? And so, too, our area, more restricted thusly limits our best circumferences. Ah, me...

retired not tired said...

There is so much to learn and now I am too old to remember.