Monday, March 11, 2013

Let me give you a clue

Let me give you a clue, honey, because it is obvious you do not have one. After you spend a class period refusing to work, wasting the teacher's supplies, slandering the teacher by saying all sorts of accusations that are not true (not directed to the teacher but making a point to say it loud enough that everyone knows you said it and the teacher heard it), and refusing to follow the classroom rules, I would suggest that asking the same teacher to loan you money will not get you the answer you want.

As a teacher, I should try to teach you the error of your ways, but I am learning this year that you really do not think you did anything wrong. Instead you think I am not being fair.

How many days til summer?

1 comment:

Pissed Off said...

too many days, don't start counting yet.