Saturday, February 16, 2013

Six Word Saturday

Chutzpah - thy name is (student's) parent.

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Had another post in mind - then I read my email. Understand, most teachers I know (apparently) do not read their emails over the weekend. I know I email stuff on Saturday morning that I do not hear back about until school starts on Monday.

So, a mom emails me, asking for a letter of recommendation for her darling and ends with " Limited space is available for this camp. A timely response is much appreciated to improve the chances of acceptance."

My first reaction was to send her the link to this blog.

Instead I replied that generally students ask me themselves and here is my phone number.

If the student wants my time, the student can call me and ask for it.


Dana said...

Good for you! The student should be the one to ask.

I used to teach as well, and I can't tell you how annoyed I would be if a parent asked me this question and included those last lines. Argh.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. ☺

Linda said...

Your life as a teacher is so interesting. I often feel sorry for you. If it's not the's the parents giving you a hard time!

Continue on brave soldier...the world needs good teachers! (:>)


Jim said...

This might be a place to help one of those you talked about in your previous post.

Give the mother a packet of work that the student is lagging in and tell her about her kids problem. Tell her if he finishes this work, answers the questions himself, AND passes a remedial quiz to your satisfaction that you will consider her request.

BUT YOUR REQUEST is to come before hers.
BTW, I had these kids in college. Some I and the others could rehabilitate if they saw this as another chance, perhaps their last, at getting a decent education.

Jim's Six Words for the 16th

Ricochet said...

Jim, he doesn't owe me work and I would write him a recommendation. But not because his mother asks.

Maybe I should ask MY mother to send a recommendation to his mother. No, too too.

But the temptation was there.

It is 7 hours since I emailed his mother - no phone call. Guess she doesn't read her email either.

Jess said...

Oh you have some right students and parents don't you!!!They never cease to amaze me!And surprise surprise the said mother still hasn't answered your email yet! Just precious! Let us know if or when she does answer!

Ricochet said...

He called a bit ago and we talked - then I wrote the recommendation. I think these people just don't know what is right.