Sunday, February 17, 2013

More Chutzpah - can not make this up.

The student called. I made him talk to me about what he wanted out of life, what his goal was, where he thought he was headed. (In other words, I had a conversation and prompted answers by asking questions.) I did the on-line recommendation. I did not send an email to the mother telling her I had done it.

Today I get an email from the mom saying "I failed to make it clear that the letter of recommendation isn't one that you need to draft. The program will email a questionnaire online to submit."

I was going to reword that, but I don't think I could make it snarky enough.

There were a lot of rating questions on the online recommendation but there was also a place I had to write my recommendation. Or, draft one, to use her words. I find it easier to do so if I have some idea what the kid wants. Jeesh.

A "thank you for your time" would have been appreciated and completely unexpected. I did not answer her email.


Ron. said...

What? Didn't you know that "teacher" and "servant" are synonymous? I mean, after all, given the huge salaries you people rake in for only half a year's labor, you should be willing to take all the guff and snark the parental units can dish out. Sheesh. Just zip it, fill in the online questionaire with glowing recommendations, & quit complaining.

Ricochet said...

Love you too, Ron!!