Monday, May 28, 2012

Graduation Rate = Low

This weekend was graduation of the first group I taught as freshmen and again later in their high school career. There were a couple of surprises: two students I feared had dropped out but had found another (valid) path to graduation. I am beyond thrilled with them.

What was disturbing to me was the graduate list, specifically: who was not there.

Some had moved away - and had probably dropped out.

Some had dropped out right here at home.

Some were in school up to the last minute but didn't pull enough credits or passed graduation tests to walk.

Less than 40% of those kids I taught graduated.

The school graduates less than 70% - and I know they gave me the remedial students. I had hoped I made more of a difference.

Less than 40%.

I know that more than 10% have been arrested but still . . . .


Ms Teacha said...

This is really sad. More than 10% arrested??? I remember reading about a correlation between education and arrest rates and bed in prison. Does your school have a plan for increasing graduation rates?

Pissed Off said...

I wonder how many graduated that did not deserve to graduate. Schools will do anything to keep their numbers up.

Ricochet said...

Ms Teacha: we have a SIG grant and we jump through all the hoops. I gave an exam last week. The review was the same test with the multiple choice removed. We worked all of the problems out for 3 days. I put them on the web (from the SMART board)> I let them use the review sheet during the test. My average grade was a 59.

How can you fail a test like that?

I would love it if the school would acknowledge the large number who get arrested. It is more if you count youth detention. But they do not want to see that aspect.

PO - too many. There were lawsuits in the 90's from people who graduated and couldn't read. I see that happening again.

Mrs. Chili said...

I REALLY need to talk about this. I've been approached and told that I need to "modify" my grading to bring the pass/fail ratio to "more acceptable levels." I'm not sure how to modify grading on work that was never handed in...