Saturday, September 24, 2016

Let's all walk in lock-step

I am getting tired of people assuming that because I am ____ I will do ___. A co-worker said yesterday that if every woman, black, Hispanic, and LGBT voted for Hillary, she would win. So every woman thinks like every other woman? Every black thinks like every other black? Every Hispanic thinks like every other Hispanic? Every LGBT thinks like every other LGBT? Let us forget, first, that she is lumping everyone into groups. Which is offensive. I am an individual and resist doing what i am told to do.

My second question is why, as someone who fought stereotypes for decades, who got where I am by fighting for it, why would I want someone who crows that she did as well, when she rode her husband's coattails?

I am listening to books on tape as I commute so I can ignore all the hatred this year. I feel better, and they are not changing my mind.

I am voting for Cthulhu.

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