Saturday, January 10, 2015

Six Word Saturday

Learn from mistakes or be stunted.

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OK. The grade you earned was not what you wanted. Maybe it was failing, maybe just not high enough for your goals.

You have been told repeatedly that in order to change the grade, your behavior has to change. Turn work in on time. Stop talking during instruction. Put your phone up. Take notes. Practice.

My expectations are not changing.

Yours may have to.


Gillena Cox said...

have a nice Saturday

much love...

Karen S. said...

I've never believed that tests should be the most important and highly valued absolute, and the only fool proof example of what anyone has learned. But that's me. Students Phones are allowed in your classrooms? Wow, if so, that's just wrong.

TBR/Committed Thoughts said...

There are a few things in my life I wouldn't mind being know, like my weight...haha

Ron. said...

Change, eh? Huh. Whoda thunkit?

Ricochet said...

Phones are not allowed. Students get written up. Phones are still used. You cannot fix stupid.