Saturday, October 4, 2014

Six Word Saturday - bulletin boards

Post cellphone statistics on [the] bulletin board.

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I am so tired of cell phones.

It would be one thing if, as they think, students could multi process. But they can't.

I walked up to one student, sat beside him, and was halfway through the write up before his fellow students' comments broke through the haze and he put his phone down.

They don't pay attention, they do not do any work on their own, I am still expected to justify why their grades are so awful and then, reteach, retest, and pass them.

I know of three deaths last month that are probably attributable to cell phones. Enough already!

I found this poster, which I will put on the board. I want to put clippings of accidents as well. OK, no one reads the paper anymore. If any of you find links attributing accidents or deaths to cell phone (or other elctronic devices) usage, please email me the link. ricochet04 at


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retired not tired said...

It is terrible the way that cell phones have intruded. We have seen several deaths attributed to their use. A law has been passed that you can't text or talk on a cell phone and still no one pays attention. Good luck in your efforts.