Saturday, November 30, 2013

Six Word Saturday

The truth will out - tests are coming.

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I have tried as many ways as I can to teach material. It's called differentiation - but I would do it even if that wasn't this year's buzz word.

I have trouble teaching you the material, darling, if you insist on doing someone else's homework during the instruction (something that was assigned a month ago and you just decided to do), insist on reading a novel during the practice, and refuse to lift a pencil to help yourself. I can know everything (I don't) but if you won't DO something, you will walk out of here just as obtuse as you walked in.


Hilary said...

the moment of truth that no one can hide from….

Kate said...

Yeah, isn't it funny that they now have jargon for what I simply call "good teaching"?

Ricochet said...

I think we have forgotten what good teaching is.

My school has corrupted the kids by offering "mastery" when they really mean grade recovery. And if you can recover any grade, why would you bother to study?