Saturday, August 31, 2013

Six Word Saturday

Sometimes, success comes in small packages

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I had an old student return to the school and me this week. He was as happy as I was, so this is a good thing. He will add (positively) to the class he is joining.

I ran into another student at the store. The student made some incredibly dumb choices, choices that he is still paying for in the school the district will let him attend. He told me he will be back in January, hope he gets me as a teacher again. He told me that the teachers at the current school "don't care about me the way you do. I finally understand how much you cared, especially when you would take me out in the hall and chew me out." Big step, so there is still hope.

And another student finally jumped through all of the state's hoops and will receive her diploma. Life is good.

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Mlissabeth said...

All of these experiences are probably helping to keep you in the teaching profession. Have a good year!