Sunday, November 11, 2012

Self Improvement

I find the students I am teaching this year to be very passive. They do little work on their own. I should say, only a few do any work on their own. But they think sitting in a room while I do work (and explanations) on the board and they text, talk, and throw things - and then copy my work - will allow them to learn the math enough to pass.

Nothing I say or do changes their behavior. (and these are not my bad classes)

So, since they refuse to become scholars, I will work on myself. I am a lifetime learner and I usually branch into trying some sort of art or craft. I am not particularly good at any, but I like to figure out how to do things that I see and admire.

This year, I have set two goals: practice trigonometry (since I am bored and am getting rusty and would like to relearn calculus) and relearn German.

To the later end, I have found a great website: Open Culture. There are free movies and free educational options, but, more importantly, free language lessons for 40 different languages.

Die gedanken sind frei! And so is learning the language. Geneiss!

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SDadmehr said...

Thanks for the link! That looks so fun.