Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Does anyone know anything about the G.E.D? Do you have to take all of the tests to pass - can you take a test the first day, be done, and not have to do anything else toward that subject? Where can I find out about the whole process?


Miss Megs said...

It's a 5 part test - you have to take all subjects. I believe sections are timed so you would have to take the test both days it was offered. A 410 is passing on a subject, but you need a 2250 to pass (last I knew) so you need to average 450 on sections. You must wait 60 days between tests. When you re-test, you only have to repeat sections previously failed. Generally your state ed website should have some more information - age you must be to take the test etc.

ChiTown Girl said...

Miss Megs gave you most of the info, but email me if you want more. :)