Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happiness Challenge Day 5

I usually ignore Mrs. Chili's and ChiTown's challenges because they are way too energizer bunny for me - not wild about blogging - I have to force myself to do what little I do.

Mrs. Chili is following a friend of hers happiness challenge and I decided to do this as well. School started last week and, if I were the kind to get paranoid, the bovine soil enrichment they handed me was meant to sabotage me. Or they are inept at their job and bovine soil enrichment flows downhill.

I allowed myself to stress out last year where I didn't even enjoy myself. Somehow I managed to stay married and keep my friends.

Do what you can with what you have where you are. (Teddy Roosevelt)

I have been granted a wonderful gift with the opportunity to help/teach/change/challenge students this year. While more time would have been better (and appreciated) the staff at the school and in my department has (have?) really come together to help me catch up.And I would never have expected that.

I am almost where I was (in terms of planning) 2 weeks ago and will be where I want to be by the time we get to Labor Day.

I even impress myself :)

And I still found time to do my chores, read, and spend time with my wonderful and patient husband.

Pretty happy here.


ChiTown Girl said...

Holy crap, I think I need to do this! I've been in such a funk lately, and I really need to get out of it. Thanks for giving me the push to try and find the happiness. :)

Ricochet said...

You were on my to-do list, CTG. I sent an email.