Friday, July 6, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Don't want to think about school.

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Don't want to start planning but I can see the start of school on the horizon and I am itching to get it done.


maddie/cadesmimi said...

I saw school supplies in the store on July 4th, and I quickly said "Oh, No!" Enjoy what's left of your summer :)

Debbie said...

Feels like school just let out :(

Ricochet said...

Maddie - I just stashed a bunch of supplies I bought over a weeks time period (notebook paper at a penny a pack) and called a friend about notebooks that I found really cheap because I know she uses them I bought them for her.

When you end up supplying them to students, you want to buy them as cheaply as possible.

Ron. said...

If I could get 50% rebate on what I spent out of pocket while I was still teaching, I could have retired sooner.

Ricochet said...

Or even 25%.

You know teachers spend a lot when Georgia will give them credit for spending $300 without receipts.