Monday, June 11, 2012


. . . . what do you think of a teacher who has a student for 180 days (ok, minus a few) but cannot spell the names correctly?

. . . . or doesn't know the last name when a student only put the first name on an exam?

. . . . or so complete screws up the gradebook that another teacher comes to fix it (so we can all go home)

. . . . and then it turns out that 4 days after grades were to be completed some finals weren't even graded?

. . . . or a teacher who writes passes from academic classes for students without talking to the other teacher (so they can "hang" rather than go to a class they are barely passing)

. . . . and then give the excuse to the academic teacher that it isn't your fault, you couldn't get the kids to leave.

Yeah, the teaching profession is full of professionals.


ChiTown Girl said...

Thanks for reminding me of one more thing I'm NOT going to miss!! :)

Elaine said...

Well, for the first two, I MIGHT give them a pass... if the names were hard to spell, and/or there were multiple kids with the same name in the same class. (Both cases I've had. In fact, I've had classes with two kids with the same first and last names. And neither had nicknames... and both kept forgetting to put their middle initial on their work.)

All the rest? ... I try not to use that kind of language :P